Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I made a new friend!

Today I went into the severely handicapped class across the hall from my classroom. I said hi to a little boy I always say hi to but rarely get a response from. I've actually never heard him respond verbally to anyone and I'm pretty sure he can't speak at all. He is super tiny, about three and a half feet tall. The most reaction I have ever seen him give is laughter and clapping. That was pretty momentous! So when I said hi to this boy today I didn't expect a response but to my surprise, he reached out for my hand and patted it. I put my hand on his desk and he continued to pat my hand. Then I put my hand up for a high five and he responded to that for a few minutes. Suddenly he took my hand and placed it on his head. I started to realize the best way to communicate with him is through sensory input. I noticed this before but now I know that's what I have to do every time I want a response from him! Just when I was starting to enjoy my new connection with this special little guy, the teacher I work with barged in and pretty much told me to get back to work. Oops! I thought things in our classroom were pretty slow because there were only 6 students and they were about to go to lunch. I guess I'll have to be more careful about when I leave the classroom in the future. This is why people think I'm wierd. Sometimes my love for children gets me into trouble. Also my love for cats...I will follow a cat for blocks until I can pet it and this really upsets my friends. Anyway, better stop here! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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