Friday, February 25, 2011

Such a cute week

Although every week is, really. So many funny and entertaining things happened. Shall I make a brief list?
- I hugged a cute little girl in my class who promptly started purring like a cat and rubbing against my arm.
- The sweet little boy with the voice like an angel had his mommy substitute for his aide and kept giving her kisses in art class and saying "I love you mommy!" His mommy would respond in equal measure. :-)
- A shy little autistic boy beat me in chess! We had a $5 bet going on and he was sooo excited to win $5 of fake, school money. He kept telling his classmates, "Look, I'm beating Ms. Christy!"
- I suggested a 7th grade boy make his copper key chain Emperor Palpatine. He agreed but then lost focus halfway through and started making a zombie.
- A "cool" 8th grade boy thanked me for helping him with his math homework. This is BIG if you know 8th grade boys...
- A cute, chubby autistic boy burst into tears in class and his classmate cheered him up with this sentiment: "If it makes you feel any better, my parents are robots!"
- I saw a student carrying his baby sister on his shoulders.
- Saw so many amazing pieces of art in the 6th grade art class. Some of them have such talent. Just a perk of working at an arts-focused school. ;-)
- Got two truly glowing recommendations from my colleagues for a scholarship I applied for. I couldn't thank them enough.
- While waiting for a precious 6th grade girl from my class outside of the bathroom (unbeknownst to her) I heard her singing at the top of her voice.
- A student gave me the nickname *note: this is not my e-mail address!
- One of my students earned the "Leading the Way" award. A very high honor bestowed to an outstanding student every month.
- The students were tested on their math and reading this week and many of them improved by more than 200 points since last year! Truly awesome!

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